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Let's enjoy outdoor activities more safely and comfortably with a backpack with excellent waterproofness and operability.


Pursuit of waterproofness and operability

It has always been a challenge to balance the waterproofness and ease of use of a backpack. One form of solving this dilemma is a roll-up system that uses a waterproof inner bag. There is no worry about your luggage getting wet in any weather, and you don’t need to put on a rain cover every time it rains. It’s a very simple and easy-to-use mechanism that allows you to quickly load and unload luggage at any time.

A simple way to protect your luggage from getting wet is to cover your backpack with a rain cover. But rain cover isn’t  always convenient because it could not prevent the rain that was transmitted to the back and that it was difficult to access the backpack pocket and luggage compartment.


Extremely waterproof due to double structure

Roll-up system adopted the backpack has a double structure of the main body and inner bag. To increase waterproofness and durability, the main body is designed with a simple pattern that minimizes sewn areas. A waterproof inner bag "Aqua Barrier Sack" with seam tape treatment is set in it. The opening is a roll-up type that is highly airtight and has extremely high waterproofness to reliably shut out water from entering the luggage compartment.

 *Backpacks fitted with aqua barrier sack are very waterproof but are not suitable for use in water under pressure.


Waterproof inner bag "Aqua Barrier Sack"

A specially designed waterproof inner bag that fits the shape of the body. Easy to put on and take off with Velcro, easy to dry and easy to maintain. Since the opening is integrated with the main body when attached, it takes less time to open and close when accessing luggage than using a general waterproof staff bag.

Even if the backpack gets dirty on the outside due to rain or mud, you can take your aqua barrier sack and carry your luggage in without polluting your hut or tent.

Allows quick access to the luggage compartment

There is no top lid so you can easily access the luggage compartment just by removing a buckle. When closing it, simply wrap the opening twice or more and fasten the buckle.

Wide opening for easy loading and unloading

Since the core material is put in the opening, it can be opened easily, and you can easily put in and take out luggage. The light-coloured aqua barrier sack has excellent internal visibility.

Rollup system backpack line-up

We offer a wide range of backpacks, from daypacks perfect for day trips to large-capacity models that can support long-distance expeditions. Select the most suitable model according to the purpose of the activity and the number of days so you may enjoy your activities with no worries.

A model that has a simple structure and supports a wide range of scenes

Granite pack, alpine pack, and expedition pack are three models with one air chamber (one luggage compartment) and a simple structure. We cover a wide range of capacities from the 30L granite pack to the 100L expedition pack, covering day trekking to long-term expeditions.

It is also recommended for climbing snowy mountains because it has a specification that can fix ice ax etc. using a carabiner.


Top lid

Optional top lid for expanding capacity. It can also be used as a waist bag. Granite packs can be attached with S, alpine packs with M, and expedition packs with L.


Highly functional 2-air chamber model

The Kitra Pack series is a highly functional model that can switch between 2 and 1 air chambers. By closing the internal partition, you can divide the luggage compartment into two, so you can conveniently use it to separate wet luggage.

Even if it is divided into two air chambers, it is possible to directly access the lower luggage compartment from the bottom zipper (bottom access zipper).

It has a shoulder pocket and a front pocket on the main unit and has more storage functions than other roll-up models.


Top lid

Two types of top lid S and LW top lid that adopts a lightweight and waterproof roll-up system can be attached to the Kitra pack series. You can choose according to your specifications such as weight and functionality.


Super lightweight model pursuing Light & Fast

Altiplano pack is an ultra-lightweight backpack pursuing Light & Fast. It is equipped with convenient features such as a convenient shoulder pocket that can hold a bottle of up to 600ml size and a 3D mesh back panel that is highly breathable, yet it is lightweight and has substantial functions.

Top lid

The LW top lid can be attached to the Altiplano pack. It uses the same lightweight material as the Altiplano Pack body and uses a waterproof roll-up system. Can also be used as a shoulder pouch.

Best day pack for day trip trekking

The buckle at the opening can be fixed on the side, and the fixing method can be changed depending on the shape and capacity of the luggage. With a front pocket that is convenient for storing small items and a removable inner pocket.
The top lid cannot be attached to the Lulu pack.