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Down Jacket Maintenance Tips

Knowing how to wash your down jacket is one of the essential steps for taking care your down jacket. If you use your down jacket weekly, you should try to wash it at least every other month. For seasonal users, twice a year should do the trick. Here are some guidelines to wash your down jacket:


Step 1

Clean out the detergent compartment before adding the maintenance cleaner. Even the residue from regular soaps and detergents can damage your down jacket. Put it in the washing machine on its own so it can’t get caught on anything. Be sure to double check the label of your jacket for exact care instructions.


Step 2

Place the jacket in the washer and set the cycle. Select the ‘delicates’ or ‘hand wash’ setting if you have it. High heat is unadvised due to the possibility of melting seams and outer shell fabric. Only use a front-loading washing machine or a high-efficiency top-loader that does not have the center agitator. The agitator can rip the material and destroy the jacket.


Step 3

Run a second rinse cycle. When the washing machine has finished its washing cycle, run it through a second rinse cycle to fully remove any remaining detergent. As soon as your washing machine beeps, do not let your jacket sit in there for too long or it will start to smell.


Step 4

You can air dry your down jacket, but a tumble dryer at low heat will guarantee the best results.

Here are some extra tips for maintaining your down jacket:

  1. Do not iron your down jacket
  2. Always store your jacket in a cool dry place and hang it up rather than scrunching or folding it into a bag if possible.
  3. While durable, a rip or tear from a tree branch, ski edge, or wayward knife toss is inevitable. Use a nylon fabric repair tape or some fabric glue at your local sewing/crafts store and seal the hole.