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02 Aug Vacation Time
Doe John 2 1297
The new advanced Status mechanism allow you to set up modules and menus based on device, customer login status or customer groups.The new Schedule feature allows you to display any module at specific ..
02 Aug Another Blog Post
Doe John 0 479
Another blog post.  Write unlimited blog articles, or have someone write them for you with partial admin access. The Journal 3 blog has been greatly improved and it now comes with the most advanced se..
26 Jul Traveling to Greece
Doe John 0 1124
Travel in peace with the new scheduling options. The new Schedule feature allows you to display any module at specific dates in the future, or to disable any module automatically at a certain time and..
15 Sep The Wool Jackets Are Back
Doe John 2 8585
This is a blockquote element. It's styled from the Journal admin Typography style. You can edit lots of options including the custom icon on the side, font and other text styles, padding, background, ..
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