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Versalite Jacket - Men

Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
Versalite Jacket - Men
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Product Description

Defying the conventions of rainwear, this model is the epitomy of lightweght and compactness. Made with Goretex Windstopper Fabrics which boasts excellent breathability and an ultrathin shell material. Features both excellent water resistance and detail-orientated weight reduction measures. Also includes features necessary for comfort in a rain piece, such as the Tri-Axial Hood for adjusting fit. Perfect for a variety of situations including mountain climbing where each gram of weight counts, and ultralight hiking.


Material: 2-layer GORE WINDSTOPPER® technology
10-denier Ballistic® Airlight rip-stop nylon
Water Pressure Resistance: Over 30,000mm. Breathtability: 43,000g/㎡ 24 hrs (JIS L-1099 B-1 method)
Weight: 134g

Technical Systems

Tri-Axial Hood  Tri-Axial Hood

With fit adjustments at three points, Montbell's Tri-Axial design revolutionized hood fit and performance: A Velcro tab at the top adjusts the height of the brim, draw cord on the back of hood adjusts peripheral vision, and two draw cords adjust fit around your face. Completed with a flexible bird-bill brim to improve rain and snow resistance. The Tri-Axial hood provides excellent weather protection, additional warmth, and improved visibility even in extreme weather conditions.

Roll-up hood  Roll-up Hood

When not using a hood, it's possible to gather by a loop and Velcro in the collar back.

Alpine Cuffs  Alpine Cuffs

Easy-to-adjust Alpine Cuffs keep out the unwanted bite of winter or let in a cool mountain breeze. You can adjust cuffs according to what you wear under the shell. Since the cuffs are made from half elastic and half Velcro, you can adjust the cuffs for all activities and preferences.

Weather resistant Aqua-Tect  zipper  Weather resistant Aqua-Tect Zipper

This water resistant zipper eliminates the need for storm flaps, reducing weight and making it easier to zip and unzip.



About Ballistic Airlight®

Ballistic Airlight® is made using the same nylon polymer as our Ballistic® material and a highly technical production process to create extremely fine, super thin threads. These threads are then woven into ultralight, gossamer fabrics that share the same characteristics as Ballistic®: one and a half times more abrasion resistance than other similar weight fabrics and boasts three times the tear strength of nylons that are almost 20% heavier. Additionally, Ballistic Airlight® is often woven using different techniques to create fabrics with radically different characteristics, such as fabrics that allow the garment to stretch or fabrics that "breathe" to release built up heat and moisture.

15-denier Ballistic Airlight Hollow Fiber Calendared Nylon:

15-denier Ballistic Airlight hollow fiber calendared nylon is used for some down products, this new nylon is an improvement over the 15-denier solid fiber. The calendaring process makes this fabric far more down proof than the previous nylon; imagine removing the ends from a tin soup can and then stepping on it, the can flattens and widens. When the nylon is woven and then calendared, the result is a fabric in which each individual fiber is "shingled" on top of each other, and far more resistant to down leakage. This fabric weighs only 1.1 oz per square meter. Despite its light weight, Ballistic Airlight is stronger than many fabrics that are twice as heavy.

K-Mono Cut

Cut from a single piece of fabric, K-MONO CUT drastically reduces the amount of seam lines eliminating areas where water can penetrate, promoting the jacket to be waterproof and lightweight. This innovative pattern is based on Montbell's philosophy of "Ki-no-bi" which is a Japanese term for "Function is Beauty".

< WATERPROOF > Reducing the amount of seam lines eliminates areas where water can penetrate the jacket.
< LIGHTWEIGHT > Minimizing the amount of seam lines and tapes reduce the jacket's final weight.

Material Information

This fabric possesses durability sufficient to withstand normal applications. Under situations of high friction, such as contact with rocks, trees, or sharp objects, tears or abrasion marks may result.

Since this product is designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, it is made using very lightweight materials. When the fabric is stressed, it is possible for the membrane to darken the appearance of the outer fabric. However, this has no effect on the membrane's waterproof performance.

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